Strawberry – 400MG

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Nerds Ropes are made with high-quality cannabis and infused with 400mg THC. This medicated treat packs a powerful, long-lasting punch. Tastes exactly like the nerd rope candies we all know & love!


Strawberry nerd ropes

Ingredients & Nutrition

Whoever said medicating can’t be fun has never had a Medicated Nerds Rope! These candy treats will satisfy your adult sweet tooth while also providing a hefty 400mg of THC all in one package! Mimicking Wonka’s famous recipes and techniques, these THC-infused candies are made with a THC-infused gummy “rope” that is then covered in sour, tangy crunchy nerds for a truly fun experience.

Strawberry Nerds Ropes are high in quality, and each bite gives their user a melodious feeling. They come in dynamic packaging, with a crispy or crunch flavour that gives a long lasting puff, and everyone loves it to brighten their day.

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1 for $25.00, 5 for $100, 50 for $750

6 reviews for Strawberry – 400MG

  1. sandrine

    We love them! Second time buying them! Try some! You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Clinton jr

    Tasted better than expected! Was well packaged and I enjoyed the variety! Worth it!

  3. jenifer

    Ah. Imagine. It’s late at night… you’re binge watching “the Office” for the 18th time on Netflix. my experience was awsome

  4. sandra

    Yummy! I love the red package more then the blue which is a berry flavor

  5. kelvin lucas

    Stocking gift for my Nerd loving son. Delicious. His only complaint was the cardboard slide box was missing. He was unable to hit his brother with the packaged rope without it breaking. He also enjoys the cardboard insert because it’s “like a slide into my mouth for the nerds that fell off.”

  6. shinobell

    Arrived as expected. Good quality.

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